As a user experience designer I have always been passionate about digital publishing and the possibilities offered by interactive eBook applications.

The arrival of tablet computers has created a new platform for book publishing, Now, almost anyone can be their own publisher reaching out to millions of people. Interactive eBooks are now more accessible and widely available than ever before.

Deeply interested in this growing industry, I have started this blog in which I examine the latest trends in this ever-developing area of publishing. For almost two years I have reviewed hundreds of published interactive eBooks, concentrating particularly on the design, interactivity and the user experience of new titles.

In my pursuit to discover and learn as much as possible about digital publishing and the interactive eBook, I search for engaging and innovative ways of presenting content. I look for interactivity which adds real value to the user, and creates experiences that simply aren’t achievable in standard printed publications. For Example, a new navigational system or interaction which brings a story to life in a way never before possible.

Interactive eBooks offer so many more possibilities for interactivity as each publication offers the market a chance of an entirely new experience. Generally, I am impressed by the way in which design has been able to seamlessly follow content. Design patterns are being constantly reshaped and reinvented so they can be tailored to new materials and we are seeing an ongoing evolution in user experience and design.

Having spent some time immersed in this industry; studying and reviewing, I am now more knowledgeable about the current digital publishing landscape and have developed an expertise in the field. In addition to creating my own interactive storybook for kids, I have recently had an article published in UX Magazine (Interactive eBook Apps: The Reinvention of Reading and Interactivity), which specifically investigates the present state of play in the digital publishing industry.

I am now being invited to share my knowledge and discoveries with many other interested communities and I am currently available for talks and presentations across a variety of platforms.

These were the key areas in my presentation:

  • How design follows content
  • Examples of current Interactive books and developing design trends
  • The paradigm shift from flipping pages to digital interactivity
  • The delivery of smarter content and engaging new user experiences