Color Uncovered

Explore the surprising side of color with Color Uncovered, an interactive book that features fascinating illusions, articles, and videos developed by the Exploratorium.

Color Uncovered features a wide spectrum of cool color-related topics to explore. Learn why friends don’t let men buy bananas. Try your own color experiments on the iPad using simple items you have at home: a CD case, a drop of water, and a piece of paper. Discover how the iPad and other devices create color. Find out what causes afterimages. All the phenomena you see are authentic; nothing was digitally manipulated to trick your eyes.

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Review & Notes

When is yellow yellower than yellow? What color is a whisper? What’s missing from the palette of Renaissance painters? Color Uncovered was created by the Exploratorium and is all about color and how we perceive it. Beautifully executed color illusions for the iPad. Free App.


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