Journey to the Exoplanets

Journey to the Exoplanets provides science buffs, space art enthusiasts, backyard astronomers, and young adults, with an extraordinarily rich experience. Until we figure out teleportation and hyperdrive, Journey to the Exoplanets is the next best thing to being there.

A richly interactive introduction to the mysterious planets that continue to be discovered outside of our Solar System. Showcasing original artwork from renowned illustrator Ron Miller, original text from Scientific American’s Contributing Art Director Ed Bell, original contributions from Scientific American staff and experts in the field, Journey to the Exoplanets provides backyard astronomers, science buffs, teachers, parents, and students with a captivating and extraordinary hands-on experience.

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Review & Notes

An educational experience to the Exoplanets. Learn pretty much everything you need to know about the exoplanets and the science behind their discovery. An inquisitive young adult will enjoy the basic astronomy experiments and the scenic panoramic tour around an exoplanet’s surface. Recommended app for astronomy, science and science fiction fans.


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