Giggly Spider

Giggly Spider and other animals is an interactive, animated picture book for small children. The book introduces some typical animals which live in our homes and gardens. They come to life as you listen to their typical sounds and see the animals in their natural habitat.

The spider in its web and the pig in the mud. They all experience their daily life.
The app is very funny! You can see the pig splattering mud against the screen and the dog is wagging his tail endlessly. You get the chance to eat a leaf together with a caterpillar or you can help the spider to build a web.

The story ends with children cheering and going to bed. You can put all the lights out in the city yourself. The picture book is just as snug and inviting as a paper version, but it is the countable extras of the app which bring the story and pictures really to life. Animations, sounds, and interaction will trigger the curiosity of the children. And parents are challenged to tell about the funny animals.

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Review & Notes

Simplicity at its best. Young kids learn about animals and their natural habitats. Interaction design is very simple, suited for toddlers and that’s really the charm of this book, kids want to keep tapping the screen for the cow to moo, the bird to fly or for the dog to lick, it’s a fun app and recommended for every toddler.


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