Kings and Queens by David Starkey

Renowned scholar and broadcaster Dr David Starkey brings the past to sparkling interactive life like never before. Explore the roller-coaster history of the British monarchy up to the present in unprecedented detail, with stunning clarity and colour, in this unique, personal tutorial from one of the world’s greatest history teachers and communicators.

Using his most recent book, “Crown and Country”, as his framework, Dr Starkey charts almost two thousand years of British history. Users can browse through timelines, tap into family trees to trace royal lineage, and explore overarching themes of the last two millennia to create a ‘total history’ of Britain and her monarchy. Watch and listen to Dr Starkey through the use of extensive and exclusive video, as you dip in and out of the abridged text of the critically acclaimed “Crown and Country”. The app also features live footage of the latest twist in this extraordinary royal saga: the wedding between HRH Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton.

Catch up on the wedding of the year as Sky’s expert commentators elaborate on key elements of the ceremony, from its historical significance to questions of royal etiquette, for a full understanding of the rites and rituals of one of Britain’s most venerable and revered institutions.

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